Saturday, 6 August 2016

Mermaid-Themed x Forest Pre Wedding Shoot by Multifolds

It's been a long while since I lasted posted here! I've moved to Dayre but lately I've been busy hence I've started to neglect all my social platforms. I'm collecting keys for my house in a few days time! Hence, my free time was spent furniture shopping, finalising details with my ID, planning my next career move, etc.

Thought I share about my Pre Wedding Shoot which was done last December! Tea ceremony was done in Feb & October was just the solemnisation so it's still counted as Pre Wedding Shoot la haha! + some stuff happened which resulted in the delay of our shoot.

Photographed by the talented Melvin from Multifolds :)

The shoot was done in Sentosa since it's a Mermaid theme. We wanted something different from the usual Museums, Lalang field, skyscrapers kind of shoot + I'm a beach person hence we decided to go for this theme. 

I always prefer ball gowns but I got to try on a Mermaid gown, sponsored by Amanda Lee Weddings for this shoot. 

And hey, it's not too bad! Just that I have to suck in my tummy a lil haha! Don't mind, I just ate my dinner btw

So girls, don't just try on 1 design. Explore other options during your gown fitting. Who knows you might fall in love with a particular design which you didn't even consider at the beginning

Stayed in Amara Sanctuary the day before cuz I have to be up at 5am for hair & makeup and the shoot has to take place around 7am in the morning before it gets too hot! I slept for only 2 hours cuz it's damn early still!

Hair & Makeup sponsored by Salon Vim (Steve & Timothy) & Kazumi

Engaging Melvin as our photographer was a breeze. He met up with us weeks before the shoot to understand more about our personalities and knowing that our engagement was in Disneyland, he suggested a mermaid style shoot!

Even on the day itself, he carried a portable radio which was playing love songs throughout the entire shoot. It helped to set the mood haha! 

One thing I remembered was him asking us to shout out an answer on the count of 3 after he asked us a question. Surprisingly we got the same answers for both questions!

1st question: Think of a colour that comes to your mind
Both of us shouted BLUE

2nd question: Think of a country you feel like visiting
Both of us said FINLAND 

(Cuz we wanted to see the northern lights but we have since switched to Iceland as a potential destination haha!)

And whilst we were answering, he started snapping candid shots of us haha! It was really nice and comfortable working with him. And #notsponsored to say this please! I was really impressed and even my bridesmaids were raving about him on the actual wedding day!

The weather was so humid and the curls were gone :(
But actually it's a blessing in disguise cuz I shouldn't look too done up. Which was why I didn't go for both mani & pedi before this shoot

I was damn paranoid of dropping my engagement ring into the water hence I didn't wear it as it's a bit loose. It's damn pricey too & I don't even bring it with me whenever I travel

Of all days Hubs had to have blonde hair during that period!!! It was for some event and he had no time to go colour a darker shade.

My bouquet with David Austin roses and seashells specially customised for the shoot by Fiona Treadwell

We had this printed out on a large canvas for our wedding banquet

Makeshift raft done up by Styledstory

Apparently I'm too heavy for my hubby hahahahaha!
Speaking of which, he is able to carry me bridal style. Carry normally and he will pant and lose grip in a few seconds zzzz

Swapped to another lace top adorned with sequins to match Ariel's secret grotto
#trashthedress series!

We were supposed to move further out but I'm damn scared of this because my feet couldn't touch the floor
Since young I'm very frightened of this. Even sitting on barstools today makes me uncomfortable

I love this shot!

Went back to rest and wanted to nap but I was so hungry I ended up ordering Laksa for in room dining. Dilly Dally and then we had to get ready for the other shoot. 

It's a forest / wood land inspired shoot!
Always see Forest shoots on Pinterest and although Singapore is so much different from overseas, I still want to try it as it's pretty uncommon here

Both my feet were muddy and there were crickets hiding in the tulle of my dress!!!
I screamed when I was back in the hotel after seeing a cricket resting comfortable beneath the tulle. Can't believe I brought it all the way back. Then after removing it, it jumped around the toilet :(

There were a few more shots, more personal and even with Adam Lambert stuff haha! We met cuz of Adam Lambert but since it's more personal I won't post it here :)

Make Up: Kazumi
Hair: Salon Vim (Steve & Timothy)
Gown & Suit: Amanda Lee Weddings
Props & Styling: Styledstory
Floral & Co-Styling: Fiona Treadwell
Photography: Multifolds

So glad to have a photographer who personalised the entire shoot and understood your needs. Every lovescapade is different as Melvin will meet up with you to understand your preference and find out more details on your relationship. Eg, how you met, places you have been to, how did the engagement took place, etc. I bet you wouldn't want someone else's shoot to be an exact replica of yours right? There has to be certain elements of it which are unique to the both of you. Melvin knows we are huge Disney fans especially Ariel and how I love beach vacations and so on.

He even stayed slightly longer for our holy matrimony to shoot more outdoor photos of the bridal entourage despite the haze hitting above PSI 200. He also sent constant reminders to us to finalise our wedding album as we were swamped with the banquet preparation and had forgotten about it XD
And in case you are wondering, nope we were not sponsored nor paid for this post / pre wedding shoot / weddings. It was his dedication and professionalism that had me raving about his impeccable service.

If you want to engage him for your weddings, pre wedding shoot, engagement, graduation shoot, maternity shoot, etc, you can contact me and I can link you up with him almost immediately as it's faster that way 😊

Getting someone whom you are comfortable with is very important. I have to stress that. It's a major milestone and you want to be stress-free on the actual day right?


I believe karma will always happen to people who are unethical and vindictive. It's miserable how you have to put down others to make yourself look good. I wonder how you sleep at night especially the money you get? Did you earn it through unethical means or by deceiving and twisting your words around? And if others choose to listen to just one side of the story and judge someone without knowing the entire truth or even bothering to find out, then whatever. You are not worth my time and my conscience is clear there's nothing to be afraid of. And at least I know I'm not the only one cuz many have stepped out to share their experiences also.

Time will tell and you will get it 10x back or even worst.

Sorrayyyy, too much bad bitch fuel in me I had to release it ya know~

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Our Wedding Montage :)

Video done by: Alvin Lim
(Email me if you want his contact!)

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Studio Favor: Cinderella Shoe Candle

I've always been hearing from everywhere on how people complain about their pre wedding jitters, and how scary it would be, or how couples sink into last minute desperate bickers to get things done the "right" way. But who's to say what is the perfect "right" way?

I guess I can count myself pretty lucky as my husband (then fiance) aka Gerald, has similar tastes as me. Sometimes, I'd like to believe that he's like a sister I never had. He doesn't beg to differ. So yes, we went on with our church wedding planning by agreeing with the theme first. We agreed that i would deal with the colours, while he deals with the logistical possibilities. That simply means that he'll steer me back on track when I come up with the almost perfect but ridiculously impossible ideas. And so we went on with the fun journey of WEDDING PLANNING!

Flowers, colours, food, invitations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding bands, car, we were slowly checking off our list. Then came one particular thing that we never thought would be quite difficult to decide, but is meaningful enough to give a nice touch to the day.

Contrary to our initial plan of having a full blown Disney theme, we decided to go with a subtle touch instead. Hence, the wedding favours had to have some form of Disney :) Favours usually come together with the hotel you book, however, I guess that is only inclusive during our Feb 20 Dinner Banquet. For the post church wedding lunch, we had to source for our own. Whilst searching for one perfect fit, we were approached by Studio Favor

We chanced upon a beautiful Cinderella Shoe candle on their website, and thought that it would be perfect for the western lunch setting we will be having! 

Studio Favor provides gifts and favours for weddings, baby showers, parties and corporate events. They have a vast assortment of favours such as novelty candles, folded towels, soaps, packed chocolates, etc.

They also provide the underprivileged with employment opportunities by engaging their help in the packing of favours and folding of gift boxes. Thus, allowing them to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be re-integrated into the society.

When you scroll through their list of favours, you might chance upon a couple of choices where it's folded/done by the beneficiaries like these below:

Picture credits: Studio Favor

Here's our favours being prepared by them. It is in the form of a workshop attended by volunteers as well.

Picture Credits: Sze Lee

Prep all done, and in the blink of an eye, we arrived at our church wedding lunch at Raffles Hotel. It all just synced together magically!

Together with our Disney wedding hats purchased on our Disneyland vacation, the Cinderella shoe candle favours sits together perfectly.

The box also comes with a gorgeous tiffany blue ribbon which we have specially selected for our wedding.

Majority of our guests knew that we were huge Disney fans and make frequent trips to Disneyland. Hence, this favour caught our eye instantly and we knew we had to get it! Perfect for a fairytale themed wedding! Our guests were thrilled to receive it as well and many feedback that it was very unique and beautiful. 

Studio Favor's main beneficiaries include the psychiatrically challenged, physically disabled, single parents and needy families.

This is just a suggestion, but knowing that your wedding favour order is going to be for a good cause, I guess it'll give your wedding a better meaning. Especially when you know that you are helping someone out there :) Tiny actions like these may not matter to you but they do create an impact on their lives.

If you're reading this and might have upcoming wedding plans ahead, here's a lil treat for you :)

With every order of 200 pieces of favours, you get complimentary 20 pieces 

~ Just mention that you read about this on my blog :) 

Happy Wedding Planning to you! Gonna start planning for the upcoming Feb 20 Wedding Banquet soon!